Trash bins manufactured from HPL Compact is easy to clean, anti-bacterial, Repairable, easy to disassemble and install, which has a sophisticated civilized appearance.

HPL Compact is used in the manufacture of bath partitions because of the advantages of Compact as it is antibacterial and can be maintained and easy to disassemble and install and is available a lot of colors of it to suit all tastes and all the decorations and paints and also ceramic.

HPL Compact doors are easy to disassemble, install and maintain.

We are distinguished by the ability to make many designs and forms of doors.

When looking for what combines the authenticity of the product and beauty, you are looking for Compact HPL, which is used in manufacturing restaurant tables and desktops where it is characterized as being anti-bacterial – maintainable – easy to disassemble and installation – withstand shocks – withstands high temperatures – easy to clean – Scratch resistant – Anti-fingerprint.

Compact can clad a large area without gaps and withstand the work inside chemical Laboratories. It is a homogeneous material that is non-porous and does not react with chemicals. It is also resistant to pollution, bacteria and fungi.

Made of heavy stainless steel or (CVP).