Who We Are

In a nutshell.

We are one of the most successful and growing companies in the Corian® and HPL Compact sectors which has worked in the egyptian market, the middle east and africa it is also an agent for hanex,the world’s largest korean company for producing the acrylic solid surface, as well as green lam, the world’s famous company in manufacturing the hpl and it is located in india.

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At which we pioneer

Corian® Forming

Corian® consists of a mixture of natural materials and industrial materials such as aluminum and methyl methacrylate in addition to some components that give Corian beauty and quality.Learn More »

HPL Compact

Also called Formica, it is a kind of compressed plywood. Compact HPL consists of layers of kraft    paper core and Covered from both directions with a colored outer layer soaked with melamine resins.Learn More »

Modern Kitchens

In HPL kitchens, materials blend together like ingredients in a delicious recipe, breathing life into a refined, modern design that is also firmly rooted in tradition.Learn More »

Our Arts In A Glance

We Make masterpieces that are designed to make life better by furnishing space with high-design, top-quality products. With a vast range of classic and modern kitchens is sure to satisfy your needs and make your place more welcoming as perceived by our Clients.