Who We Are

We are one of the most successful and growing companies in the corian and compact sectors which has worked in the egyptian market, the middle east and africa it is also an agent for hanex,the world’s largest korean company for producing the acrylic solid surface, as well as green lam, the world’s famous company in manufacturing the hpl and it is located in india

According to the partnership between us and these well known companies, and our deep understanding of the customer needs, this has given us the ability to perform and produce the work brilliantly in sufficient time.

The company is characterized by a clear vision and a high-precision methodology . as the experience of Creative Touch is what allowed us to be the trust of great customers and institutions that led them to entrust our company with high-tech tasks

With our deep extensive knowledge of this sector we have been able to achieve the fast growing performance through numerous and large projects in egypt, middle east and africa to become partners for success alongside the cooperative bands

Creative touch has become the ideal choice for those looking for luxury and excellence piece of work as we are paying special attention to our customers and we are striving to satisfy customer choices and tastes 


  • Providing different places like homes,clubs,companies and other administral and social places with our corporative solid surface materials.
  • Execute the vision of our clients with creativity that will leave an impression on everyone see it.
  • Provide more small companies in the same field with our materials and experience.


For our company to be the first company in egypt and the middle east to import and formulate corian and compact hpl


Maged Atta - FOUNDER

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